Thursday, June 17, 2010


Motto: “Helping hands are better than praying lips”.


In the present materialistic world, there are few people and organizations who meditate upon the thought of helping others in any possible way. It is a known fact that one cannot do many things but a group or community can do. The belief in unity is a great source of motivation to start community service. The association is formed with an inspiration to share the human agony and contribute for the noble cause of human welfare.

It is a brain child of a group of engineering students. Unlike present day youngsters these Students were moved by the suffering of a peer student for whose treatment the college raised the money. Taking this as a brainwave, these students formed a group and started working towards a common goal. The individual ideas became team goals and in the due course these students started working for NSS, Extension services and other social causes in the college. The “SVCET HELPING HANDS ASSOCIATION” was formed in 2008. To start with they volunteered

· To donate an amount of 5000/- towards a peer student’s medical expenses.

· To contribute Rs.3500/- for an economically backward student’s tuition fee.

· To offer services in college extension services like blood donation camps, medical camps and other activities.

· To participate in the flood relief activities.

At present the association is working with immense zeal to accomplish the following objectives in the first year of its formation:

1. To contribute / donate / assist the education of economically poor students.

2. To carry out extensive plantation drives to encounter global warming.

3. To help the local hospitals by collecting the blood groups of the students and lending a helping hand during medical emergencies.

4. To act as volunteers for all the activities in the college and create the attitude of ownership and responsibility in the students towards the institution as well as the community.

5. To collect the old books from the students and provide them to the poor students who cannot afford to buy the books.

6. To organize various awareness programmes in the near by villages to motivate them towards ‘Gram Swaraj’ advocated by Gandhiji.

7. To work with orphanages and old age homes to share the much wanted affection and care.

8. To educate the people towards the eye and organ donation.

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